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 Wilco-Lone Wolf, SAS fiction                               Book 23   NOW AVAILABLE             

British SAS action thriller, undercover spy work for Mi6 and the CIA, political intrigue, illegal missions ... the books have technically, politically and historically accurate detail. From Northern Ireland to West Africa, to Somalia and Central America. SAS counter-terrorism missions, SAS hostage rescue, Mi6 undercover work, the drug cartels... SAS fiction book. 

"Wilco-Lone Wolf" is a soldier's tale, from his days in school in Gloucester 1985, to basic training in the RAF Regiment in Catterick, to training for a marathon, on to military prison, to the first Gulf War, to the SAS and action overseas. It is a work of fiction, but based on technically accurate places and organisations, and historically accurate.

It is a long book, 21 parts so far, more than 2 million words. It will be an on-going series, a new book released every month or so being the hope.

The first two parts are sample books are here free, the remainder of the book charged for at a modest rate on Amazon. 

Please note! Contains sex and violence, a little more sex than my other books, bad language - as expected of soldiers.  

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