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Almost Eden - now available on Amazon.

This is not a series, nor part of a series, and is not a free eBook.  400 pages, 140k words approx.

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Roger Bannister approaches his fifty-ninth birthday, not coping well with his divorce. His steady job at a law firm in the city of London keeps him anchored, but he returns each evening to a lonely apartment – the nightly news reporting a looming banking crisis in Europe.

Inheriting his aunt’s house in Devon, Roger takes a much-needed weekend break, and visits a place where he spent many a happy childhood holiday, a place where he brought his own children. Preparing to sell the property, and struggling to do that in a full-blown recession, Roger soon discovers the dark secrets of his family tree - and of the house itself.

Uncovering a vast hoard of stolen silver, Roger is soon in the media spotlight, surrounded by police officers, and knee deep in dead bodies. With the banking system collapsing around him, Europe falling apart, Roger will have to solve the mystery of the old house – and identify the real killer – before it’s too late.

Some family secrets are best left buried…

The story is set in the South Devon (UK) resort of Salcombe, so you may want to have a look on Google Earth first, place names such as Kingsbridge are accurate.