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For those who have asked, I am alive and well as of August, 2019, but the day job and having a life does get in the way.

I'm Geoff Wolak, some of the time based in Cardiff, Wales. (If you're from afar, Wales is the sticky-out bit of Great Britain between England and Ireland.) The rest of the time I travel.

I started my working life as a computer programmer, and I still write code from time to time, I even look after a few old MS-DOS legacy systems written in Foxpro and Clipper, some of which have been running for 20+ years or more.

These days I make a modest income from writing, supplementing that income with editing work, novel critique, and assistance to other writers. My writing projects are generally planned ahead for, and I'll sit in an apartment somewhere quiet for 3 months at a time in order to write a book series. I'll then take a break from writing for a few months and work on editing projects, or the occasional marketing project.

I'm qualified as a PADI Divemaster, and dive on holiday and when work projects permit.

If you wish to join the small band of people who make serious comments about my books, or edit my works as volunteers, then feel free to email,