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This website offers sample online stories and novels to read, and eBook downloads in a variety of formats: RTF, Word DOC, HTML, PDF, ePUB, Mobi, Kindle. The K2 novel series and the Magestic novel series are lengthy free eBooks, Magestic being around 1.2 million words long for the first book/series. Some of the follow-up books are charged for at a modest rate, since the poor writer needs to pay the bills. Magestic is a time travel and 'alternate history' saga, K2 a spy series, and Drake and Canuck are stand alone novels; Drake a book about a demon embroiled in world politics, Canuck a traditional spy book.


 The Magestic time travel series (2009)  - eBooks (18 parts)            

The reader follows the cast of characters as they embark on a journey from 1985 to 2025, trying to fix the world as they go - as well as raising families. Disaster awaits the world in 2025, the aim being to prepare the world - if the world will allow them. The various world governments have their own ideas, and fixing the planet is not so straightforward for the mysterious Mister Magestic. This first series comes in 18 parts, and is approx 3,000 book pages long. Magestic series 2 follows on, and comes in 11 parts, Magestic 3 in 8 parts. It is a very long saga!


 The K2 series of spy novels  - eBooks (5 books)                                   

No one is whom they seem, everyone has an agenda. This is a fast-paced thriller, full of suspense, intrigue, and woven with dark humour and modern terror threats. Swiss banks, freemasons, the mafia, and the world's intelligence agencies, all race to find the treasure - but no one wants the gold. It's what's hidden with the gold that matters. The series comes in 7 separate books.

This series has previously been voted No.1 on various reader sites, and more than 25,000 people have read the full series online to date.



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