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 K2 books 6 & 7  are eBook PDFs, but are not free to download. Get them on Amazon.

K2 book 6 is the conclusion to the series 1-5, the final battle..

K2 book 7 follows on from the K2 series (1-6), so please do not attempt to read it unless you have already read the other books in sequence.

The K2 team are separated. With the December chill coming in, Johno, Helen and Thomas fly off to the Caribbean for a holiday, but are soon kidnapped. They are in a battle to escape, and to survive, teamwork essential. Beesely finds himself alone at the castle as it is attacked, the castle snowed in. Otto, meanwhile, tries to deliver a baby during midst of another battle. Beesely will need the skills he learnt during the war to survive; his life has come full circle. K2 book 6 is approx 277 pages, book 7 is approx 250 pages. 

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