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 Magestic                                Created, October 2009.                           eBook series of 18 parts

Magestic is the story of a time traveler, arriving in Canada back in 1985, his aim being to try and fix the world. A calamity awaits in 2025, the world needing to take a different course. Wars need to be prevented, certain politicians discredited before taking office. But the traveler spends most of his time and energy building up a medical rescue charity, torn between helping the needy, and fighting those that he knows risk the future of mankind.

Art imitating life: The traveler deals with the Greek financial collapse, and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. You'd better hope that the rest of the predictions don't come true...

The book is a political thriller more than sci-fi; action, wars, humour and some romance. It is a classic 'alternative history' ebook. Magestic part 1 is a very large book, 1.2 million words in a series of large chapters. It has been split into several parts for ease of reading, and the formatting on certain websites. 

Note. Magestic is a long novel, and deliberately so. It is aimed at on-site readers who want more, not less. So a passing "normal" reader may find it very long. It is aimed at those who have the time. Besides, human history from 1985 to 2025 could never be covered on a single novel or typical size..

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STOP PRESS: The rise of The Brotherhood – and the modern day ISIS threat

My book Magestic details a theoretical terror group known as The Brotherhood.; they rise in Arabia after a natural disaster and a severe economic downturn for the region, and they march north to attack Europe. Life is now imitating art, with the ISIS terror group in Syria and Iraq calling on ‘all’ Muslims to join with them, to create a wider Islamic state, and yes – they are calling for a march on Europe.

Back during the British war against the old Ottoman Empire, because the British wanted to steal the Turk’s empire and widen its own empire, the dream of many Arabs was a united Arabia stretching from Morocco to Afghanistan, from Yemen in the south up to the border with modern day Russia.

That dream was almost made a reality by the Prophet Mohamed a few hundred years earlier. Unfortunately, his offspring split into Suni and Shia and they have been at each other’s throats ever since. The second piece of bad luck for the Arabs was the British, who sliced up the region, drew straight boarders on maps, and assisted monarchies to take power – no democracy in the British Empire.

So, almost 100 years to the day, the First World War started what was to be the second phase of disappointment for the Arabs. Now, the ISIS terror group is making good progress at taking over Iraq after the foolish and naive American invasion left Iraq in tatters, unable to defend itself. With Saddam in power, ISIS would have never gotten off the ground. There were no terrorists in Iraq, nor weapons of mass destruction, when the Americans invaded – but there are both now, and the threat is very real.

That threat is of a charismatic leader who could actually unite Muslims and create a wider Islamic state across the Middle East, replacing the corrupt, undemocratic, and brutal monarchies that now rule Arabia. If he succeeds, Europe is next, followed by the rest of the world – after the global economy goes to hell; ISIS has its eye on Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, and the oil.

The scenario in my book is coming true, and Israel is right in the firing line. ISIS will turn towards Israel soon enough, and Israel will consider using its own weapons of mass destruction on an enemy that hides behind civilians. When Israel bombs the civilian areas, more volunteers will join ISIS, an dit will become and self-fulfilling prophecy, a self-fuelling fire.

The start of the Arab Spring - a call for democracy oddly enough, might just give rise to The Brotherhood, the destruction of oil production, and the collapse of the global economy, followed by a never ending global war. 


The writing of Magestic, an on-line series

I started Magestic to simply pass the time, and because I like writing - it relaxes me. But after I put the start of the story on various websites such as SOL the fan base grew, many hundreds of people commenting about the story and following it.

It then became a case of feeding the hungry hordes as they nagged for the story to be continued. Since the story covered human history from 1985 to 2025, it was always going to be a long story, and ended up the equivalent of twelve full novels – a lot of work. I got into the habit of pleasing the readers and sometimes churned out 40k words a week when I was between work projects. I could have posted faster, but a few days were spent editing and sending documents back and forth to helpers looking for typos. 

I would never again attempt something this size, and do in some ways regret starting it. I would not say that it was a mistake, but other pressures in my life made it hard to keep up. Anything I write in the future will not be serialised, but take the form of complete independent novels of normal novel length, approx 800k words. 

At the beginning, Magestic was posted unedited on various sites, then edited, then finally edited by a group of people – and I went back over the later chapters many times. I will, when I have the time, go back through the whole thing and edit, improving it for later readers. But what you see is as it was written, very little altered other than typos. Most of the first 10 parts had next to nothing altered, which probably shows. Other works that I have written have been checked many times, and future works will be checked more carefully. As for the plot constructs, I had a rough idea of where I was going, but no intricate plan, nothing written down. As I writer, I don’t like to know where the story will end up, that would be boring to write. I start with a basic premise and flow from there. I will sometimes write a random move, just to see how I - the writer - can get the thread back, and how the characters react. There are more random turns in the work than you may think. 

Very little research was done for Magestic, I simply used my knowledge, checking a few historic dates online. I did, on occasion, put countries in the wrong position, and forget the odd election – till readers pointed it out.

Thank you for your interest, and now my fingers hurt.

Re-edited 21/9/2010.       

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