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 Magestic, Book 2                      Created Sept, 2010

Book 2 follows on from the original books/series. You will need to read book 1 first.

NOTE. It is not a free eBook, but does have numerous free sample chapters below. Only $5 for all 11 parts together.

Unhappy with life in the public glare, Jimmy travels back to the 1920 on a new world, to prepare that world for the Second World War. Things go well to start with, even with a spy in the mix. That war starts in 1938, the fighting intense and desperate in Europe, but Jimmy and the team are in for an unwelcome surprise.

Three different worlds, and three very different cultures are about to collide and merge. Jimmy and his team need to figure out what's going on, what's really going on, little knowledge of the timeline they find themselves in. Others are pulling the strings, Jimmy trying to unravel the puzzle. War is about to be declared!

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The complete book is available for $5 (5euros or £4) - in total, not each. (For both Book 2 and book 3 together send $7 or 7euros or £5)

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It is another large book, of 11 parts, the equivalent of 6 full novels in words - great value for money, and you have the free samples as well. What more could you ask for... 

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